Store Policies

About Ring Reno

Ring Reno is wholly owned by JOOL Inc., which has been operating since 1999.

JOOL Inc. has been certified with a Canadian National Mark by the Competition Bureau of Canada, to ensure our work is:

  • Wholly manufactured in Canada
  • Is composed of gold, silver, platinum or alloys thereof and
  • Has a quality mark and trademark applied in accordance with section 4 of the Precious Metals Marking Act



We understand the challenges of renovating your old jewellery and how your gemstones will look in a new piece. If you have further questions you are always welcome to book an appointment at our studio.

However, once your gemstones are set into a new piece and you decide that what you have ordered is not right for any reason, please bring it back to the studio or ship it back to us insured and pre-paid. The jewelry must arrive unworn, in pristine condition, within 10 business days of receiving the order. We will remove your gemstones and return them to you and you will receive a full refund minus all shipping charges and gemstone removal fee. Any credit you received for your gold will also be included in the refund. However, we cannot return the original material because it will have been recycled.


All of the jewellery in our collection has been hand-fabricated. As with any product, natural wear and tear or an accident might result in a piece of jewellery becoming damaged or broken.

We guarantee the diamond and gemstone setting for the lifetime of the new piece.

If any other type of damage occurs such as a broken chain or large scratch, we are happy to repair and polish your jewellery for a small charge so you can keep wearing your new jewels for a long time to come.

To start a return, you can contact us at