How does it work?

Do you have jewellery that you’re not wearing?

Then you’re going to love Ring Reno! Here’s a quick video to show you how it works

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We’ve been making fine jewellery for over 20 years and there’s one thing people always ask when they find out we’re jewellers…

Can I turn my old jewellery into something new?

Usually, remaking jewellery can be complicated, time consuming and expensive. At Ring Reno, we’ve got a new way that simplifies and speeds up the process so you can start wearing your diamonds and gemstones again sooner.

Have you checked your jewellery box lately?

 If you’re thinking about buying a new piece of jewellery, why not check you’re jewellery box to see if you’ve already got gold, diamonds or gemstones to get started. Look for the orphaned diamond earring, the broken gold necklace or gold ring that might have lost a gemstone. Anything that you never wear but wish you could.

BYOD — Bring Your Own Diamonds

You’ll save up to 70% off the estimated retail price of a similar piece of jewellery because you’re supplying the diamonds or gemstones.

You’ll also get a credit for recycling your old gold!

Examples of an average Ring Reno credit

The new way to Renovate your Jewellery

So if you have old jewellery and you want something new, this is how Ring Reno works.

Reach out to us using the form below. Tell us a little bit about your jewellery and if you know what you would like to make. If you have pics of your old jewellery, send them to us! Our email is

Next, we’ll set up a time to have a phone call, Zoom or text to chat about your project.

We’ll discuss what you’ve got, help you design your new piece and we’ll give you a credit for your old gold towards your new jewellery!

Check out our Shop section for inspiration or if you’ve already got a design in mind, we also do custom projects. You can see some of our recent custom pieces here.

Once you’ve selected your new design, you can conveniently drop off your old jewellery at our studio in Niagara on the Lake or we can arrange a fully insured courier for pick-up.

In only 2-3 weeks, your new piece of jewellery will be ready! Imagine how happy you’ll be wearing your sparkling new jewel knowing that you’ve saved money and finally done something with that old jewellery.

Not all Jewellery can be renovated

Unfortunately, we can’t renovate all jewellery. Costume jewellery and imitation gemstones that have been glued cannot be reused. Also, we can only recycle gold and platinum.

Sometimes gemstones are already chipped, scratched or cracked. But it’s ok! Most of the time we can still reset them and we’ll be in touch if any issues arise.

Consulting with us is free and there’s no obligation. We just want to help. This is not an appraisal and we don’t estimate the value of your gemstones or diamonds. We only check the size and condition in order to reset into a new piece.

People love us because...


"I recently used Ring Reno to re-set a diamond for me, and I could not be more pleased!! The customer service was A+ with quick, friendly, and informative responses to my questions. The options for settings was virtually unlimited and the whole process (including shipping) took about three weeks, which is amazing for a custom ring. The total cost was an absolute steal as they allow you to trade in old jewellery and gold for credit towards your new creation. I can't put into words how highly I recommend this company and their services. Thank you Julie and Mike!!!"

— Erin P. from Edmonton

Ring Reno will reset your old gemstones into a new piece of jewellery and give you a credit for your gold.

In some cases, we can re-use your old gold but most often it is more economical to recycle the gold (you’ll get a credit) and start fresh. Did you know that new gold actually contains recycled gold!

We are a boutique jewellery studio in Niagara on the Lake and in order to maintain a high level of service, we only accept a limited number of projects at a time.

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P.S. Turn your old jewellery into something new!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Diamonds) You’ll save money on a new piece of jewellery by using your old diamonds or gemstones.

Don’t worry, we start with a free consultation with no obligation.

This is a limited offer - we often get too many jobs per month, but don’t worry, we’ll put you on the wait list.